Major Ruth Stringer (Ret.)


Becoming Sheriff is important to me because it will allow me to enact the necessary changes the community of DeKalb County 

have deserved for years.



Although, growing up a little girl, Stringer didn't aspire to become a sheriff, she said she now feels called to take the leadership position. After being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps., Stringer worked through the ranks from detention officer to Major. She has worked all divisions such as Service, as the Human Resources Supervisor, Assistant Commander for the Office of Professional Standards, Court Division Commander, Jail Division Assistant Commander, and Training Background and Recruitment Commander. She was named Officer of the Year in 2010 by the DeKalb Bar Association. Stringer was presented the Medal of Valor after saving a child from being sexually assaulted. She was appointed interim sheriff in 2017 by DeKalb Superior Court Chief Judge Courtney Johnson. Her resume is lengthy, she says, adding that she's put in the work and has taken no hand-outs.


  • 30 years working with Dekalb County Sheriff’s Office as a law enforcement officer

  • First woman to serve in the position of Sheriff in Dekalb County 

  • Worked through the ranks from Detention Office to Major 

  • Worked all divisions including service as the Human Resources Supervision, Office of Professional Standards Assistant Commander, Court Division Commander, Jail Division Assistant Commander, Training Backgrounders and Recruitment Commander 

Awards and Recognitions

  • Medal of Valor-Saved a child from sexual assault 

  • Life Saving Award-Performed CPR on a child who stopped breathing 

  • 2010 Officer of The Year-by Dekalb Bar Association

Education and Certification

  • United States Marine Corps-Honorably Discharged

  • Essex College-Liberal Arts Degree/Graduate of the Command College Professional Management Program 

  • Certified Peace Office Standards and Training Instructor 


  • Developed and spearheaded the first Salute to Women in Blue for DeKalb County Women in Public Service 

  • Created and implemented a 40-hour Supervisor Training program

  • Organized and implemented the first Active Shooter Drill conducted at the DeKalb County Superior Court House

Professional Affiliations

  • National Law Enforcement Recruiters Association​

  • International Association of Chiefs of Police

  • National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives


Together, We Can Be The Change

If elected, Stringer has her list of priority issues that must be addressed. They include: 

  • Adding a merit system 

  • Eliminating the mold issue 

  • Allowing people to visit the jail 24-hours a day 

  • Shift differential pay for officers working the evening watch 

  • Better locks to prevent inmates from getting out of their cells 

  • Adding mandatory annual defensive tactic's training for officers to protect themselves 

  • Improving the overall image of the Sheriff's Office and rebuilding the community's trust 

  • Saving taxpayers money by reviewing current contracts like a recent pharmaceutical one and cutting costs all around 

"People don't realize that working in the jail is a mental strain, it's stressful, so I would like to see those officers justly compensated."  "There are also several safety concerns within our jails and continual defensive training that needs to be implemented. Inside the jail, officers have been attacked because inmates can easily manipulate the faulty locks and escape. That's one area where the defensive training would come in handy."  "When the officers get attacked nobody says anything when they get hit, the directive is loosely stated, "Go get checked out and report back to duty the next day," Stringer said. "There is also a spreading mold issue that isn't being handled properly, which is harmful to everyone." 


In the further interest of safety, she's also for license plate readers and gun lasers. The laser point is "for the officer's safety, and the public," said Stringer. "I don't have to shoot you, because you're going to see that [laser] on you and will stop. It also increases the accuracy at which the officer shoots."

"It's time, my time, and I feel like someone needs to get in there and really roll up their sleeves and get this job done," Stringer said. "I just want to have the opportunity. I will definitely be a multi-term sheriff. I want to get in, clean the place up and make sure that the citizens, inmates, and officers are getting what they're supposed to get." 


"I'm loyal to the God I serve, the man I married and the oath I took. In that order."



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